Register a Business in the City of Orinda

Beginning September 1, 2018, the City requires all businesses operating in the City to obtain a business registration certificate prior to commencing business operations. Additionally, an annual renewal is required for subsequent years of operations.

The easiest and fastest way to register your business or renew your current registration certificate is using the online filing method.

  • To begin, simply click on the “Start now” button located on the right of this page.

  • From the main menu please select the “Apply” option to submit a new application for your business.
  • Alternatively, you may download a copy of the application directly from the “Download Forms” section below.

    If you need further assistance registering your business, you are welcome to contact us at or by phone at (925) 374-5885. Phone support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST).

    BUSINESS REGISTRATION DIRECTORY: Search for a Registered Business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Business Registration Certificate?

    The City of Orinda Municipal Code Section 5.03.010 requires businesses operating in the City to register with the City and obtain a Business Registration Certificate (BRC). All Certificates expire on Dec 31st and must be renewed annually.

    The purpose of the Business Registration Certificate is to maintain a record of businesses operating in the City in order to develop planning recommendations relating to the operation of businesses; better coordinate with businesses regarding a range of issues including parking, transportation, economic development, and event programming; assist in zoning compliance; establish and maintain contact information which can be used to notify businesses regarding public safety issues as they arise; and gather statistical information for other City purposes.

    Do all businesses require a Certificate?

    Certain businesses are exempt from the requirements as noted in Section 5.03.040 of the Orinda Municipal Code. This includes businesses with gross receipts of less than $10,000 per year from operations in the City.

    When should an application be submitted?

    New businesses must apply for a Certificate prior to their official start date of operation in the City. Thereafter, business registrations must be renewed every year by December 31st.

    How long is the registration valid?

    A business registration certificate is valid for the calendar year it was issued and must be renewed every year by January 1st. The City will send annual renewal notices; however, it is the business’ responsibility to renew on time. Penalties are assessed for delinquent accounts.

    Where do I apply for a Business Registration Certificate?

    The City of Orinda contracts with HdL Companies for the processing of Business Registration applications. If you need to apply, please visit HdL's online application process at

    What are the fees for the Business Registration Certificate?

    The current City Fees are:
    New Registration: $51
    Renewal: $36
    The State of California imposes a $4.00 surcharge per registration and/or renewal.

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